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Okeechobee Fantasy Pundit Picks

Pete Robbins: Bring the braid

Thomas Allen: Big Bass Specialists will excel at Okeechobee

Ronnie Moore: Consistency is key in Florida

Coy Greathouse: Go with strong flippers at Okeechobee


Cherokee Fantasy Wrap Up

Thomas Allen: You should have picked Tharp at Cherokee


Pre-Pre-Classic Fantasy Picks

Yes, yes, yes, we know the 2017 GEICO Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe in Houston, Texas, is still a couple of months out. But, it’s never too early to be thinking about your Classic Fantasy choices. Here are a few preliminary stories that will percolate your bass-fishing mind.

Pete Robbins: Act like you’ve been there before

Coy Greathouse: Think techniques this early

Ronnie Moore: Skip science, consider momentum and techniques

Thomas Allen: Just go with your gut

Autofill Disabled for 2017

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Fantasy Fishing Prizes Released for 2017

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  1. Also would like to thank April Phillips , I received Fantasy Fishing hat and tee shirt. Just in time for Toledo Bend …Buck This is a fun game to play and does not coast , just little time , Thanks to all B.A.S.S. Bass master Owners and Staff Great Job . Buck

  2. when do 2013 season start?

  3. Myer Yanofsky says:

    I live in Canada, Utopia, New Brunswick and I find this is the greatest way to pass the winter fishing….. and can make some money if you pick the right pros…… keep up the good work……

  4. would but can’t find out when it starts.

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